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MCE123 - Technology Development

Destructive Technology Studies Program

This pertains to the studies of technologies that are destructive in nature, and how to improve the destructive capabilities of the technologies to the highest possible level of destruction possible. This program includes the studies of all types of technologies that are capable of destruction, and the studies of all uses of the technologies for destructive capabilities. This process includes both the destructive capabilities of the technologies themselves, and the uses of the technologies to affect environmental characteristics of occurrences that already exist – such as using an environment through the use of the technology to cause a greater level of destruction, such as the technology acting as a trigger of destruction. The destruction is not necessarily physical, while intellectual and physical realms of all types of destructive technology are studied in theory. The results of the program shall be the invention of adequate technologies to destroy all physical and intellectual processes and existence in the exact order that the maximum number of possible destructions occur without destroying the potential of another type of destruction from occurring, such that all intellectual destructions must be studied and prioritized before all physical destructions, and all destructions are in theory and the program does not really cause any types of destruction. The program requires an active SCI clearance or equivalent level of detail to security. The results from the studies are programmed into a systematic destruction computing system through another department that converts the results into a computer program to simulate all of the different types of destruction in computer models, computer-generated movies, and the encyclopedia of destruction, including a computer program that can take the calculation of any piece of information and determine how to destroy everything having to do with the information, and determine if there were any differences between previous types of destruction theories and if there were any findings as to improving the destruction sequence process. Additionally, a computer program that produces counter-intelligence based on the simulation of the destruction sequence produces a list of characteristics that pertain to improving the intellectual capabilities of producing inventions, pursuant to the types of intellectual processes and technologies that would be required in defense of the simulation of the destruction theory that is simulated by the computer of the findings. The simulation of the destruction is not released outside of the program, while the results of how to improve inventions and intellectual processes is released to another program that determines prioritization of the developments based on various types of criteria, such as purpose of necessity, priority of needs, cost, and other factors that rate the importance.

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