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MCE123 - Technology Development

3D/4D Modelling Microscope

This invention concept pertains to a microscope that uses both imagery and radio frequency and lasers to build a 3D model of the object that the microscope is focused on. It works by using radio frequency and lasers to measure the distances between the microscope’s lens and the object’s peaks and valleys, and build a 3-dimensional model of that landscape. The object can be rotated, and flipped on its sides, as well as on its back, to complete the 3D model of the object and its properties. The imagery lens gathers the colors and textures, which are automatically applied to the surfaces of the 3D model of the object and its properties. The system also uses an Artificial Intelligence system to identify common objects, such as molecules in a compound, or transistors on a circuit board, and it applies that knowledge when building the 3D models. The microscope can also build 3D models over the properties of time passing by, such as the movement of bacteria, or the movements of bugs under the microscope’s lens. It does this by processing a variable number of frames per second, and rendering the manipulations to the 3D model in each of the frames, such as rotation, extrusion, or other types of movement or deformation. Protection Status Site Protected by SiteLock