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MCE123 - Technology Development

Human Actions Education Surveillance System

This invention pertains to a system that monitors persons working in a biocontainment facility, or persons that will eventually be hired to work in biocontainment facilities, and it tracks every time someone touches something as a waypoint, connected to the waypoint of the object that was touched, and it keeps a database of all the objects that each person has touched, along with the time and date, and information pertaining to each of the persons and objects. The purpose is to enforce a strict level of security in the physical dimension of matter, as such that the computer systems can monitor for malintent not only based on direct contact, but also based on eye contact with objects.

This technology could also be used to track what criminals do. It could be used in coordination with police officers, which help to prevent unnecessary deaths because of people not following orders from officers. For an example, if someone puts their hands down, the system would detect what they are touching, and whether it is a weapon or not.

It could also be used to track retail shoppers in coordination with a Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This information could be used to conduct retail surveillance, where consumers are tracked based on facial recognition, and the products that they touch in the store could be stored as data points in a database, which could be used to send surveys to the customer, or send them targeted advertisements for products that they have considered buying, as evident by them touching the product, while they have not yet purchased the product.

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