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MCE123 - Technology Development

Re-Designing the U.S. Missile Defense Systems

It is necessary to redesign the U.S. Missile Defense Systems to be able to penetrate Russia’s and China’s contested environments with new types of ICBMs and SCBMs, with similar features as to those employed by those countries, for the purpose of testing the technologies, improving the technologies, and creating technologies to improve missile defense intercepts.

The timeframe for this project is immediately.

Systems should be able to get past the S-300 and S-400 missile defense systems, and should have modernized MIRV units that independently have their own navigation systems and rockets on each of the warheads inside the MIRV, rather than one MIRV re-entry vehicle that can maneuver before deploying specific warheads. This is necessary to study how the foreign nations use such technologies and creating intercept systems that are capable of intercepting even the most advanced heavy rockets.

The rockets should be studied at all possible intercept intervals, and there should be a comprehensive sequenced intercept system that deploys different types of interceptors based on the timeframes of the successes or failures of intercepting individual missile components.

Obviously we can no longer count on intercepting the ICBMs and SCBMs right after they have been launched, because we need to improve the systems and the speed of the systems that are able to intercept the rockets close to their launch point. But we also need intercept systems to intercept all parts of the rockets, and overcome maneuvers made by independently targeted components, as well as the carriers of such components, so we take into consideration all of the different points of intercepts and have a complete system that can intercept rocket components and warhead components regardless of where they are in their different trajectories.



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