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MCE123 - Technology Development

Hypersonic Missile Interceptor – Mark 1.1 – Page 1


This missile interceptor system pertains to the individual interceptor rockets and their guidance systems, which fly in a formation directly towards the MIRV unit.





A small cylindrical missile carrying a system that ejects a payload of cluster bombs in one of six likely paths that the MIRV unit.


                Separation / Launch:


                                STAGE 1: Solid rocket booster.


                                STAGE 2: Liquid propelled ramjet or scramjet.


STAGE 3: Outer casing of main carrier rocket breaks off in three pieces, like slicing a piece of celery longwise into three sections. The innards deploy separately. Only the outer casing breaks away.


STAGE 4: Miniature short-booster rockets ignite, behind mini-cluster type bombs. Approximately 200-250 per interceptor. They launch out from the main carrier rocket and scramble to a denial mesh, detonating in sequences that match the travel direction and altitude and latitude / longitude of the potential paths of travel of the MIRV unit being targeted for interception.




It requires that at least four of the six interceptor rockets reach a distance close to the path that the MIRV unit may take after its separation from the ICBM. Since the MIRV unit is capable of travelling at hypersonic speed, up to six individual missiles are necessary to form a path of denial, by ejecting cluster bombs that will throw shrapnel in every possible direction that the MIRV unit may take on its course to avoid the interceptor missiles.




The interceptor formation will destroy the MIRV and all of its warheads, and disallow them from reaching their targets BEFORE the separation of the MIRV components from the MIRV unit. The purpose of the interceptor system is not to cause the warheads to detonate, but to destroy their electronics.


The intention is to destroy the MIRV unit over the ocean, or over the Artic. These flight paths would be necessary if the MIRV unit is carried from an ICBM from Russia. Protection Status Site Protected by SiteLock