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MCE123 - Technology Development

Hypersonic Missile Interceptor Carrier - Mark 1


Hypersonic Missile Interceptor Carrier – Mark 1


This information pertains to the internal design of an interceptor missile that will be capable of intercepting and destroying a MIRV vehicle travelling at hypersonic speed. This design does not include the interceptor technology to destroy individual MIRV components, if the MIRV vehicle has separated already.




                A large cylindrical missile carrying six interceptor missiles inside.




                STAGE 1: Solid rocket booster.


                STAGE 2: Separation of solid rocket booster from main rocket.


                STAGE 3: Main rocket ignition. The main rocket is liquid propelled.


STAGE 4: Deployment of Interceptor rockets. Outer casing of interceptor carrier unit breaks off in two parts, falling into the ocean. The deployment module is comprised of a canister, with six interceptor rockets attached to the center cylinder. They are extended outwards, like six wings to the upper portion of the rocket at this stage.


STAGE 5: Separation of the six interceptor rockets from main rocket. Occurs simultaneously as STAGE 6 progresses.


                STAGE 6: Ignition of interceptor rockets, each with their own guidance systems. Protection Status Site Protected by SiteLock