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Immersive Environment System to Treat PTSD

This invention concept pertains to an immersive environment that would gather information from a subject who is suffering from post-traumatic stress, and piece back together the event(s) that are troubling the subject, for developing an intellectual solution that supplements the traumatic event in the subject’s memory with reinforcement techniques.

An example would be a veteran who is suffering from PTSD, and the immersive environment, like virtual reality, would piece together facts that have been gathered from other sources such as surveillance, and gather information from the subject. The system would build a virtual immersive environment, in which the subject can change the outcome, or manipulate the facts, or leave the situation all together as if it never even happened. The visualizations would be as real as their memories, as the system would use brain to computer interfaces and computer to brain interfaces to make it realistic.

Another use of the system could be to treat patients who have suffered as victims of criminal activity, or bullying, or other types of situations in which the patient was victimized. The system could also be used to treat mental illnesses, such as correcting perceptions that are inaccurate, or caused by social interactions, or caused by other types of trauma such as sexual harassment.

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