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Kinetic Energy Gloves with Kinetic Energy Emissions System

This invention concept pertains to gloves that allow a human being to interact with a physical environment remotely, as such that their touch and the feeling from the kinetic environment is transferred between the gloves and the remote environment. The system would work through directing energy light waves, including microwaves, in ways that vibrate or move objects in the kinetic environment, because of their being manipulated by the controlled kinetic energy emissions system that is controlled by the gloves. The system would be composed of sensors, including accelerometers and spatial sensors, inside the gloves, and those signals would be translated into what needs to occur because of those signals through a data processing system, that then controls the spatial kinetic energy emissions system.

It may also be noted that similar technologies could also be applied to other body parts, such as the feet. It may also be noted that the control through the gloves would not necessarily be congruent with what occurs in the kinetic energy emissions system, necessarily, because there could be hand gestures or other signaling that controls other aspects of the system, such as intensity, color of light, frequency, and other applicable variables in the closed loop system.

This invention could be used to operate on patients without opening their body for surgery, because the emissions could manipulate the organs internally without needing to expose them to the environment that they are being operated on by.

Another use for this systems technology would be the remote interaction between multiple persons into their respective physical environments, such as online dating, remote viewing, and other types of kinetic impressions that may be combined with visual information such as Artificial Telepathy and/or visual overlay technologies, which are sometimes referred to as augmented reality.

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