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Fabrication of Human Cells

Fabrication of Human Cells

This technology concept pertains to the fabrication of human cells from the ground, up. We should be able to create various types and configurations of human cells so that we can 3D print organs for people experiencing organ failure, and tissue for burn victims. We should be able to create human cells from a sample from a specific person, so that the cells are reproduced and 3D printed in the exact way that they should be for the specific person, based on their DNA. This way, people won't have to take organ anti-rejection drugs when they have an organ transplant, and they won't have to have skin grafted from other parts of their body in order to treat burns. The process for creating these 3D printable cells should be very quick, because the patients will not likely have spare organs or skin created for them in advance, and these types of medical events don't always provide the advanced notice that would be necessary for a slow process to develop the tissue structures.

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