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Large Space Carrier Vessel

This space vessel pertains to a carrier of a large number of smaller ships, with abilities of deploying squadrons of organized ships for construction purposes. The large space carrier vessel and the smaller ships have the capability of automation, such that all of the vessels can be pre-programmed to travel to a quadrant of space and take over the entire quadrant systematically, mining all resources and building additional ships. The large vessel has the capability of linking to a centralized system of command from long distances, enabling the batch management of specific types of construction projects by the squadrons and planetary operations.

The large space carrier vessel has a capability of opening a portal to move completed ships to other quadrants of space. Entire quadrants of space are dedicated to storage of completed ships and vessels for defense purposes. The large numbers of ships and vessels in the storage for defense purposes have the ability of automation, including adapting to security needs, such as abilities to transport large numbers of ships to intercept and destroy large fleets of threatening enemy spacecraft while remaining in cloak. The overall focus of the command shifted to automation of defenses and infinitive expansions of technological capabilities.

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