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Three-Layered Force Field

This technology is a three-layered force field that is able to surround a carrier ship, other types of sea vessels, airplanes, an entire nation, and spacecraft. Each of the force fields is separate. The technology works by magnetic inversion, through fields that support the opposition of other magnetic fields. There are various modes that the technology can be used in. The force fields can allow water and air in and out, such as a permeation force field, while at the same time objects such as fish, ice, coral reefs, drift wood, and even torpedoes if applicable, would hit the force field and would be unable to enter. The most the explosion outside the force field would cause is an inrush of water and/or air, while that can be limited through calculated re-programming of the electro-magnetic emitters based on the characteristics of the explosion. Even the heat from an explosion as any torpedo hits the shield is separated out, because the force field is the equivalence of creating a controlled environment that is impermeable other than what the force field is programmed to allow. If the force field was programmed to disallow everything, the air and the water would become very stale and depleted of nutrients due to pollution from the ship.

This technology also has a use to use the shield as a weapon, whereas the force field acts as a plasma inversion shield on the outer layer, causing everything that hits the shield to incur heat damages.

This technology may be used as an artificial aquatic force field that is stationary, and would disallow ships from entering within domestically protected waters. This could be programmed at the level that the water around a ship or a submarine seems to turn into gelatin, because the force field pushes against the water pressure of the incoming ship’s propulsion, without creating a current in the water, because of the magnetic qualities of the incoming ship’s movements. The water is not changed, while the incoming ship, due to the magnetic qualities, begins to have warnings of hull pressure, as if the ship was falling miles below the sea. If the ship continues to try to get through the force field, eventually the ship’s engine breaks down and the force field pushes the ship away safely. The force field only works in one direction – outward. Entry points in the force field system are created using multiple check points with tunnels of the force field system, allowing ships to enter when authorized, while the temporary disabling of one force field on the tunnel line does not open a possibility of a breach, because there are multiple layers of security that each ship must pass through to get into the internal waters. The multiple layers of security are like multiple levels of entry doors, all channelized, so there’s no possibility of entry of foreign ships / equipment. The tunnels are scanned with geospatial sensors at each layer before and after each security layer, to ensure there are no changes in the layers. All of the emitters are on the inside of the security system; therefore even an attempt to attack an outer layer would fail, because each of the security layers has a three-layered force field.

The same type of a system works on carrier ships, submarines, and other equipment with weapons systems. There are areas of the force field that have fast switching multi-layer force fields that allow weapons in and out. The spread of the force fields can protect from even the possibility of the weapons being targeted at their exit point from the force field, as an extender force field can be applied along the path of the exiting weapon to ensure the weapon is already on its path and has reached its optimum travel speed prior to any environment that is not force field protected. This protects the ship from misfires and attempts to target the weapons exiting the ship.

A geospatial scanner is able to detect outside of the force field, and the force field system is able to strengthen characteristics of the force field based on certain types of characteristics detected in the environment. There is also a load balancing system that determines based on possibilities of large numbers of small attacks and/or multiple large attacks in specific places of the force field that attempt to imbalance the system. One feature of the force field is an exterior-interior secondary-interior implosion-inversion explosion that within one of the outer layers of the force field, creates a gravity vacuum and then at a very high frequency causes what is the equivalence of a magnetic nuclear explosion outwards from the force field. This results in multiple ships, airplanes, and any other equipment attempting to attack to crumple and fall into the ocean within seconds. The force field is strong enough that multiple airplanes would fall around the force field into the ocean. The sight of this occurring is very peculiar comparatively to other types of destruction, because it is not often that weapons are thought of to be able to accomplish what could be a stealth bomber falling out of the sky on top of the force field, and then sliding off of the outside of the force field in its disintegration, like a giant clear dome around the carrier ship. The defense capabilities were significant enough that the system was designed that even the President was unable to override the shield, because of the need to ensure that the technology was known to have impermeable protective capabilities so other militaries would not try to attack to determine if the shield was not on.

There were also propulsion capabilities developed with the shield, through the creation of additional layers of the force field that created flows of air and water based on phased frequencies. This resulted in what was the equivalence of carrier ships floating like hover ships without a blower fan, because the water and air would circulate through an opposing direction of the interior gravity field, pushing the ship in any direction including sideways and reverse. This propulsion technology was also used on submarines, and the design of submarines changed significantly because of the propulsion technology. The command posts in submarines were moved to surround the heavily shielded engine compartments in the center of the ship, like an elliptical center with a large visual geospatial-obstruction on a matter level in the middle with a large track area to walk around at various types of command stations, and a different type of geospatial display on the walls of the large geospatial-obstruction of matter, such that the magnetic inversion was used to display an elliptical screen that showed what was inside the mission’s command. The people were the equivalence of computer programmers and systems specialists, while everything about the ship was mission based and there was a greater amount of information in the ship than any group of persons, such that the ship was unusable without the systems. Even if someone walked off the ship and talked about what they saw, there was no value to the information to the public because the information was in the ship to begin with. It was like looking into a geospatial crystal ball, while the actual display system was real on a technological level – like looking into dark space that would normally be a large ugly steel bulkhead, and the wall displays like there’s a computer that is inside that can be seen visually, and the people on the other side of what would be the bulkhead and their presence at their command posts.

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