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MCE123 - Technology Development

Magnetic Hull Shielding

This technology would be multiple layers of magnetic hull that interconnect, with the multiple layers being magnetic opposites, and then an under layer of a super-electromagnetic field generator, and then a layer of materials that blocks out the magnetic waves. On the inside of the hull, the multiple layers of magnetic hull are attracted by the super-electromagnetic field generator, while on the outside of the hull in space – the super-electromagnetic field has an opposite polarity that pushes objects away from the hull. In other words, if a missile was fired at the hull, the missile would end up slowing down and then move away from the ship as it got closer, because the super-electromagnetic field would be too strong for the missile to even reach the physical hull. Even if there was an explosion outside the hull, the super-electromagnetic field would push the blast away from the hull because of the magnetism that opposes everything else.

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