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Three-Dimensional Satellite Imagery Using Microwave Bursts

This technology pertains to the use of three-dimensional satellite imagery through microwave bursts. Since it is a known fact that microwaves provide feedback to satellites from within buildings in which they are directed on from the imagery satellites, making a 3D version of the technology is simple. It involves phase shifts, that oscillate between different depths for the imaging, and the satellite knows at what depths it is looking at when it receives the responses that it sent out via directed microwave transmission. Now all you need is a visualization processor, that patches together the various phases of microwave bursts into a 3D model on a computer system. It’s an easy concept to build, and it most likely already exists by the U.S. military and likely several foreign nations, for purposes such as monitoring human assets within buildings, or monitoring nuclear weapons facilities for movements of warheads.

Our interest is what level of extortion is possible using such a technology, and how would you know what you are looking at without some identifiable characteristics identified by the broadcast of such intelligence?

It seems that this system would be much easier to use and less classified than nuclear weapons security levels, however we are concerned that this technology could be used to blackmail civilians into doing certain things for foreign governments. Are we wrong? We hope so…

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