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MCE123 - Technology Development

Military Technology Concepts

  • Satellites that can operate in contested environment, such as satellites that have defensive technologies, and can operate when frequencies are being jammed

  • Communications from jets to satellites, and other forms of communications using lasers instead of radio frequency or electro-magnetic frequencies, to allow for communications at faster speeds while other types of communications are being jammed by enemy electronic warfare or contested environments

  • Technology to prevent laser light from disabling forms of communication, such as a laser light switch or laser light firewall that can keep out certain types of laser light when not authorized to keep command and control intact.

  • Technologies to study surveillance detection technologies, and determine how surveillance detection occurs to minimize the footprint of surveillance technologies, such as satellite viewing and listening to different frequencies being transmitted by enemy forces

  • Studies of overwhelming multi-frequency modules designed for electronic warfare by projecting highly-powerful electromagnetic pulses or high bursts of radio frequencies that will melt or disable electronics on the multi-frequency modules

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