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Issues of GsAN Satellite Networks

This information pertains to the company’s development of GsAN technology and its satellite networks, including issues that pertain to the use of such technologies, and issues that pertain to the security of the satellite technology.

Authentication Systems – pertains to the authentication systems that allow authorized users to gain access to the systems.

  • Technology – there are variables to the configuration of the technology, such as when can the user login to the network, and how the user can login to the network. The systems may be inclined to display information about the authentication procedures prior to authentication taking place.

    • Was there pre-authentication?

      • A pre-authentication system would allow authorized users to pre-authenticate into an awareness module that is used to provide information to the authenticated user, and additional authentication must occur before the user has an active status.

    • How long ago was there authorization?

      • The system may check to see how long the user has been idle within the systems before granting re-authorization. This may occur to ensure the user is the real user, is authorized within a command mode within the physical realm, and to check the mental acuity of the user to verify the relevance of the user within the networks technology.

  • Status Indication – pertains to the status of an active user, or the active status of a pre-authenticated user, to determine if authorization is needed or if the pre-authentication is required.

  • Types of Authentication

    • Light-based authentication

    • Biometric Security

    • Records-based authentication (case relevance)

    • Invention Works

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