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MCE123 - Technology Development

I/O Chip Satellite Interface System

This is a proprietary technology that pertains to the use of a combination of a microchip that on all levels appears to be a regular microchip at a microscopic level, while the microchip has two different layers of microchips inside, and the circuitry of the device is a two-layered circuitry that is able to turn the normal I/O Chip off through a wireless command at a 1Thz link state, without disabling the wireless link, such that the power source for both microchips is the same, and the clone of the microchip that on all levels, including under a 3D microscope, is the same microchip on a microscopic level, while the first I/O chip is disabled and the secondary microchip is an interface to a satellite that interfaces with layers of circuitry hidden within the silicon of the microchip as antenna positions to interface with the secondary microchip internal to the same microchip as the primary microchip. The satellite is able to establish a direct link with the secondary microchip that uses nano-technology within the secondary microchip to convert the link state with the satellite into an active management command of an intelligence agency. The device displays a login into the agency. The interface satellite has a secondary link to a geospatial area network (GsAN) that is able to take command of the link state, and actively access a login subroutine to the same agency as the login screen that was displayed, while the activity is automated through the telepathic channel of the GsAN, provided the information of the interface with the person that has GsAN clearance. This converts the management command of the intelligence agency into a management command of the intelligence community, through compartmentalization and minimization of logins to all of the individual intelligence agencies, and then connecting the compartmentalization of each of the logins to the management agency all at the same time. The system doesn’t respond to other people because the GsAN compartment is unique to the person, and that command is established through a geospatial sensor that is impossible to override – the equivalence of biometric verification through both the spatial verification of the matter of the person, and the spatial verification of their own thoughts. If the device is moved beyond 3ft of the person, the logins deactivate automatically on the display and the device no longer has clearance through the GsAN. The command through the GsAN stays active, because the display of the login processes was initiated through the GsAN accessing the interface to the link state of the other satellite. The device is secure enough that the data is not stored on the device, because the video card is accessed directly through the circuitry of the device interface to the I/O bus of the computer without processing the information in the CPU of the computer. The access device uses either standard USB or standard Firewire.

The throughput of the primary and secondary systems, each individually, is approximately 300 MB/sec. Only one system can be used at the same time for throughput, while the reasoning of the satellite link state is for additional security of the management oversight that allows the capability to use any login to access the management login, based on GsAN clearance, while the login is not saved on any computer so there are no issues of insecurity of logins from regular devices, and it is impossible to reverse engineer the device to access the GsAN because the GsAN controls the other satellite login, and the GsAN is the authentication for geospatial biometrics, while at the same time any computer at the lower level login is incapable of accessing the GsAN directly through any login because the GsAN is accessed through the management level of GsAN, and the data that pertains to GsAN originates from GsAN, and privacy regulations and security regulations limit the rights of even referring to the technology and the data because the GsAN is both access / authentication and surveillance, therefore the purpose is both security and security access while this access occurs strictly through GsAN.

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