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4D Technology Surveillance System

This is a combination of multiple types of intelligence gathering that works through interception of satellite intelligence such as video, and the interception of intelligence pertaining to maintenance records, as such that the work that is conducted on all aircraft, machinery, vehicles, and other modes of transportation are recorded and compared to maintenance records that are entered into computers. Additionally, all travels of aircraft, vehicles, other modes of transportation, and all uses of machinery are audited to improve safety and determine if any intentional mistakes are being made, if any malfunctions occur, in order to ensure that there are no accidents in transportation, such that all mistakes are analyzed to determine what the cause was – such as airplane travels.

This intelligence collection would occur through the use of a 4D satellite system that stores videos of all transportation, and can immediately identify any ambiguities in transportation even prior to an emergency distress, such as any sudden loss of altitude of an aircraft such that the loss of altitude was not part of the flight plan that was filed with FAA. This technology would provide additional time to make decisions of how to prevent crashes, prevent casualties, plan for emergency landings, and other safety decisions.

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