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MCE123 - Technology Development

Robotic Space Technology Notes

  • A robotic space technology that allows the device to intercept satellite communications made by foreign satellites.

    • Ability to intercept foreign satellite communications.

    • Ability to interface with foreign satellite by obtaining and cloning credentials that a foreign government uses to interface with the satellite.

      • Ability to obtain information stored on the satellite that is not necessarily being communicated.

    • Ability to interfere with satellite communications.

      • Ability to alter the way the satellite communicates, such as changing the frequencies it uses to communicate, the direction it communicates in, and the types of communications it makes.

    • Ability to ransom operation of the satellite.

    • Ability to render the satellite useless.

    • Ability to change the way the satellite operates, by modifying the software that runs the satellite.

    • Ability to move the satellite out of its orbit.

      • Cause the satellite to self-destruct by falling out of orbit and being destroyed upon re-entry.

    • Ability to infect the satellite with a virus that would be downloaded by the ground station that is running the communications with the satellite.

      • Ability to have virus obtain additional information from the ground station, and communicate the information with satellite, or with another satellite, to gather intelligence from the ground station.

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