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Dark Matter Propulsion – Technical Notes

A characteristic of this technology would be that the object, ship, vessel that uses the propulsion system would be able to travel at a very high speed in one direction, and then reverse direction and travel the equivalent speed in the opposite direction with no changes to the equivalence of the internal gravity of the object, ship, vessel. This is one of the reasons why this technology, in addition to cloaking technology, and teleport technology, would pose an entirely new type of challenge to military defense. The technology of such an object, ship, vessel would be impossible to target because the maneuvering alone would be able to avoid everything that targets it. Even if millions of rockets were fired to attempt to intercept the movement from every direction at 360 degrees, the technology would allow the movement to pass through a dimension of space that removed the movement from where the targeting occurred, and re-appear at another location. This technology poses such a challenge to the older technologies that everything that applied to the principles of military defense previously no longer provides protection from all of the possibilities that the technology could be used. An example of this would be that a “bug” used for spying would be able to enter a secured building based only on a geospatial coordinate, and gather information while staying cloaked. This would require that secured buildings have layers of security in other dimensions of space, including within the super magnetic layer. This is not as simple as installing super magnets around the building – that would not stop the technology from getting in, and that would not detect the technology. Spatial technologies involve security at other dimensions of space.

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