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MCE123 - Technology Development

Gravitational Forklift

This technology uses the creation of gravitational fields around an object to levitate the object and move the object to another location, without touching the object with mechanical forces for instance. This could be accomplished with a number of gravity field generators that lift the object upwards.

The lifting and moving of the object could be multiple phases of gravitational fields, for instance the use of ground-based gravity field generators to life the object upwards, and then the use of a force field around the object using super-magnetism to move the object farther distances. This could also be accomplished through the use of a super-magnetic platform that is placed under the object. Another option is the use of a super electro-magnetic field burst that would cause a super electro-magnetic field shell to build around the object as the result of the creation of an energy field within the object at a super-magnetic level, and then control the energy field with a remote control that manipulates the frequencies of the field to increase or decrease the strength, polarity, and direction of travel. The remote control would also allow the energy field to close slowly after the object was moved and placed down safely.

The super electro-magnetic field shell could be created through the opening of a chemical reaction, such as a special type of chemical flare that opens an electro-magnetic inversion pulse. The chemical(s), and whether this would involve nuclear materials, would need to be determined, and also what the safety aspects are, and if there are any risks of interfering with electronic equipment prior to testing.

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