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Space Trade Organization Types

MCE123 Technology Development 7/2/2010 9:54:19 PM

Space Trade Organization Types

Planet to Planet

This type of trade organization is from one planet to another. This would be an overarching trade organization for other trade organizations that are planet to planet, specific to certain types of trade.

Planets of Purpose

This type of trade organization is a group of trade organizations that are planet to planet for a purpose, such as a large project, or normal trade of natural resources that are needed for construction on other planets, in trade for other types of natural resources such as hospitality requirements. An example would be mining planets that do not have livable atmospheres, while there are persons living on the planet in contained environments to oversee mining operations. The planet is provided with oxygen and other types of natural resources from other planets, while the mining takes place as a normal process of society on that planet. Other planets receive the mining resources and use the resources for construction.

Solar System

This type of trade organization is a collection of planets, not necessarily all planets in a solar system, while the purpose of the solar system trade organization is to market what is available in the solar system to other parts of space. This includes marketing of all of the resources that are available, the mining capabilities, import/export specifications, and also to gather information about what is available from other solar systems for trade decisions. These types of organizations will differ greatly depending upon the sophistication of intelligence. For an example, one solar system may be very heavy in technology because the people concentrate on intelligence and the development of new technologies and ideas, while another solar system may be heavily mining based, interested primarily in exporting raw materials in bulk and purchasing the technologies.

Attitudes of Solar System Trade Organizations

The attitudes of the various solar systems will vary, for an example the mining based solar systems may be concentrating on the “you got it” type of business, because their resources are readily available for bulk purchase, and they’re looking to get rid of what they have to make money. The technology concentrated solar systems may be introverted, where the response may be delayed if the technology is very sophisticated. For an example, sales of space weapons systems will likely be very slow because of the security around the technologies, while the solar systems that have the technologies essentially have the ability to take over everything, and they’re too busy working on the next technology to even care about taking over, and they’re very careful about who they make friends / business acquaintances with because their technologies in the right hands doesn’t necessarily mean that the right hands will stay honest and friendly. If the inventors of technologies know that their technologies could be used for bad purposes, they may retain the technologies for themselves – not because they want to use the technologies for offensive purposes, rather that they feel they need the technologies for defensive purposes to deter theft of their technologies, and that they don’t want that deterrence to be compromised by a competition that has too much of their own technology because they always need to be much farther ahead to feel secure to get over the fears. The simplistic types of solar systems that conduct mining are very easy going, because the machinery does all of the work for them. All they need to do is operate the machinery and the money keeps flowing in, and they don’t need to risk a competitive nature of their mind in order to survive.

Planets of Specialization

These types of trade organizations occur when a planet is specialized in one trade or a number of trades, and this would be in the context of the space trade. The trade in space is in addition to the trade that takes place on the planet, such as world trade. In other words, the amount of activity that has occurred on Earth up to this point in time, as far as world trade, is very minimal when compared to what would occur with a planet of specialization. There are a lot of new technologies that are needed in order for a planet to develop a space trade program. For an example, environmentally friendly space technology is very important, in order to get off of a dependency on fossil fuels. The propulsion systems in all vehicles, mass transportation, aircraft, and space flight all change into systems that utilize simplistic forms of energy that originate from the presence of the planet in the solar system and its position to the sources of light, such as the sun. These technologies include utilizing gravity forces in vehicle propulsion. The planet converts from what was once a very rocky landscape into a society that is very gravitated to the same energy sources – in other words everything becomes increasingly systematic.

Spatial Trade Organizations

These types of trade organizations are specific to certain types of technology. The organization of the trade is not based on geography, because the technologies occur in multiple dimensions. One example would be a trade organization that is specifically in the fields of magnetic energy and time. This would pertain to technologies such as time travel, alternate dimensions, hyper-probability processors, magnetic propulsion, and spatial security.

Spatial Intelligence Organizations

These types of trade organizations deal with the trade of intelligence. While in the spatial intelligence business, most intelligence is free, the organization is primarily linked with security to ensure that intelligence is not misused. The spatial intelligence organizations deal with the trade of intelligence between planets, solar systems, and galaxies, including the ability to share information without time delay. These organizations have the capability of executive power originating from one source that controls all of the intelligence organizations at the same time. The purpose is that the intelligence organizations need leadership, and the planets also need a minimization of communications delay to increase trade and the potential of every planet.

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