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Artificial Star Spherical Light Emission

This is the programming of spheres of programmable light, and the spheres of light can open or close based on a z distance from the center, the spherical light paths can open into other programmable light paths, the spherical light paths can be a path of multiple channels of distance-based light-sequence emissions, the spheres of light can refract light at all instances of a 720-degree photonic instance, there can be multiple spherical emissions in multiple types of light that counter-balance the magnetism of another sphere of light to delay the movement, refraction, and/or emission of light, and there can be multiple spheres with multiple diameters that all originate from the same origination point at different frequencies of origination, such that the transmission and reversed direction of one sphere inward from an outward spherical peak-light force buildup does not interfere with an internal sphere emission occurring immediately after the reversal, such that the two spheres and/or multiple layers of spheres in opposite directions of light may collide at similar and/or multiple spherical combinations of the different light spectrums. Multiple spheres of magnetic programming emissions may be used to move light paths inwards and outwards on different paths of spherical programmable-magnetism, and the spheres may appear to change shape in the light band as photons are programmed to move in and out of different layers of programmable-magnetic spherical fields.

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