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MCE123 - Technology Development

Space Archeology

This pertains to the research and analysis of alien artifacts, remains, and credible sightings of alien beings and technology to determine how the various types of aliens and technologies fit together into archeology and history, in addition to the development of processes and procedures that pertain to the scanning of planets and space for evidence of alien life, and how to determine the archeological information based on sensor data such as matter decay, the analysis of the surroundings and the planet / structure that the evidence was found at, and the determination of the history of the planet, archeology, and how / when the artifacts / alien remains arrived on that planet / structure, in addition to the determination of where the artifacts / alien remains originated from. This would pertain to determining based on information gathered through evidence and technology where the evidence leads to, and what the alien life forms posses based on intelligent analysis of the technology and artifacts as evidence.

It would seem that if we encountered an alien race archeologically, we would want to know what its demise was, to know what to avoid doing.

Could black holes be evidence of alien life, such as scientific experiments gone wrong?

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