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Cold-Quantum-Nuclear Reactor

This is a new type of nuclear power core that would contain a process of civilian nuclear energy that is beyond the technology of cold fusion. This includes the creation of multiple anomalies within a quantum-nuclear reactor core, such as counter-rotating and/or counter-orbiting quantum-nuclear reactions that absorb quantum particles. This technology has the capability to counter-balance the sub-atomic and quantum forces that are generated by nuclear, cold-fusion, and many types of sub-atomic and quantum particle colliders, such that the quantum decay and the quantum fields are obtained and concentrated through a process of refining the energy into other forms of energy such as over 30 cold-quantum-nuclear particle streams, multi-phased gravity fields, heat and cold, dark matter, super-gravity, super-vacuum, and light. Very simple devices are able to convert any or all of the energy sources into other forms of energy, such as electricity, such that there are thousands of additional layers of sub-atomic, fusion, and quantum reactions after the initial reactions.

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