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Super-Magnetic Digital Computerized Atom Piecing Machine

This machine is able to pull the electrons off of an atomic nucleus from each ring inward, using super-magnetism, and safely remove the electrons while holding the remaining portions of the atom in the same place. After the electrons are removed, then the protons and neutrons can be removed one at a time using super-magnetic force, and all of this can be viewed on a digital electron microscope computer. The device can also put atoms together through the programming of how many protons, neutrons, and electrons are combined. This machine allows the creation of atoms over the 119 atomic weight, through the use of super-magnetic force to hold the pieces of the atoms in place. The device is able to do this through a microscopic environment that allows various types of atomic structures to exist within a vacuum, while the machine can also create artificial environments for atoms that are reactive in certain types of environments.

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