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MCE123 - Technology Development

Programmable Quadrants of Space

This technology pertains to the creation of quadrants of space that are created through multiple fields of programmable fields, and the use of programmable matter emissions inside the programmable fields to systematically replicate different possibilities of patterns as a brute force attempt on a compartment of physics to unleash a force related to the creation of the universe.

The force is similar to the concept of a wormhole, while the space appears in the wormhole on a 4D axis of time, such that the entire universe can be viewed on a time scale going back in history to the point of origination of the universe. The concept would pertain to the understanding that the code to unlock the force of the 4D dimension would not change over the entire existence of the universe. This concept exceeds the concept of time travel, because the entire universe is invoked to a timeframe prior to the existence, through accessing the force that occurred prior to the creation of the universe.

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