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MCE123 - Technology Development

Tether Robotic Attachment

This technology pertains to the use of tether technology to connect robotic components to space components, and the use of robotics inside the tether to form the shape of the tether, and the use of ion drives and other types of ion jets that can be supplied through particle streams in the tether to cause the robotics to move at very slight calculations. The precision can be based on the precision of the tether connected to the same grid of devices, the same ship, the same platform, for instance that the movement of the tether in relation to the absolute gravity and movement of the same platform is the same, for uses such as repairs to the platform / objects on the platform, while the use of particle jets could be used for precision movements to attach / make repairs to objects in space including satellites, through the use of the precision of the amount and direction of the particle jets.

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