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MCE123 - Technology Development

Robotic Space Suit

This technology pertains to a space suit that is entirely robotic, and the user of the space suit is able to control the space suit with computer systems and control mechanisms inside the isolated environment of the robotic space suit. This technology is used for entering into areas of extreme radiation and/or entering areas of dangerous potentials of extreme radiation, such as repairs to engines of a spacecraft that could potentially result in nuclear radiation if there was a malfunction of any of the systems when making the repairs. Such instances, while unlikely of the systems, are too dangerous to risk an absence of security precaution. Additionally, the strength of the robotic space suit is greater than human strength, such that the space suit has super-magnetic docking mechanisms and magnetic boots, high-strength robotic arms that are able to lift heavy objects, and the precision of the robotic arms that are able to move and respond like normal human hands such as to make changes to very intricate computing systems inside the space ship, changing the components that are inside the computing systems, and other changes as necessary.

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