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MCE123 - Technology Development

Geospatial User Interface Technology

This pertains to the use of a geospatial emissions grid to display multiple types of menus and grids within the same layers of space, including the use of multiple types of viewing optics, special glasses with multiple types of light filters, and the use of mind programming technology with calibrated synchronization between multiple parts of the mind and a central system of telepathic control, such that the mind is able to interface and provide / retrieve information from the computers, and the eyes are able to navigate through the geospatial user interface with multiple types of display configurations – such as objects of magnification, focus, search algorithm display and four-dimensional real-time browsing – such that multiple components of search algorithms including the inner-relative matches of multiple search results can be displayed all at once, and the details of all of the matches and views of their inner-relative specifications can be expanded in multiple dimensions of light display and time, including the display of history, the display of present, and the display of projected future. This system is also able to calibrate multiple display components through the use of synchronization of the visual cortex and the interface of the mind and the computing system, such that the information may be implanted in the mind for on-going use, whereas the visual cortex programming pertains to the encoding, structural configuration, and dimensional attributes of the information storage that was obtained telepathically from the interface system.

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