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Spatial Police Command Operations Center

This spatial vehicle is similar to the size of a large military helicopter. There are two major parts to this vehicle – one is the Command Operations Center on the top of the vehicle that has enough space to hold a Special Forces unit, dispatch center, and high-tech surveillance and intelligence processing center. The purpose of the Command Operations Center is to be able to deploy in remote locations very rapidly, and be able to respond to law enforcement and military issues. The Special Forces unit would be equipped with high-tech surveillance equipment that feeds information to the Command Operations Center. The Spatial Police Command Operations Center moves through a dark matter propulsion system, allowing quick movements to the destination of the dispatch from distant locations. An example would be a dispatch from Washington D.C. to a remote area in the farthest region of the United States would occur in less than 10 seconds, including the deployed movement of the Spatial Police Command Operations Center from Washington D.C. to the farthest region, and the landing of the vehicle in that region. This is possible due to hyper-acceleration and hyper-deceleration technologies that work with the dark matter propulsion, such that the opposite of the gravity fields consistent with the rate of movement are implemented within the vehicle at a rate that is consistent with the acceleration and deceleration at very rapid speeds. These magnetic waves have no effect on the contents of the vehicle, since there are opposing elliptical magnetic fields on the exterior of the vehicle being used at the same hyper-acceleration and hyper-deceleration rates as the internal magnetic waves of the vehicle. This would be the equivalence of digital noise cancellation in magnetic fields, through the cancellation of the displacement of gravity at the rate of travel that through precision and the use of dark matter propulsion, can occur at rates approaching infinity and then declining to zero at hyper-rates.

The second part to the Spatial Police Command Operations Center is a vehicle on the bottom that can detach as a spatial glider that can act as a motor vehicle. This would be in the shape of a very aerodynamic vehicle, without physical wings, that instead uses a dark matter gravity gliding system that creates invisible wings on the vehicle. The propulsion, aerodynamics, and gliding possibilities of the vehicle allow the rapid deployment of a secondary vehicle with its own military weapons systems, in the image of a high-tech police vehicle that is able to glide out of the sky and land at the speed of traffic, with any combinations of vertical and horizontal travel, such as the ability to intercept military vehicles for escort on busy freeways, and there is the capability of using the military police vehicle as an aircraft with its own dark matter propulsion system, that would allow the military police vehicle to intercept military aircraft. The weapons systems on the military police vehicle, including air and land-based systems on the same vehicle, could be the combination of interceptors, rockets, and high-tech devices that have the capability of issuing a systems takeover of a vehicle into auto drive. Other technologies may include a super-magnetic tractor beam, such as the ability to latch the military police vehicle to an aircraft that had a malfunction and required an emergency tow of the aircraft to an emergency landing site for repairs.

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