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Android with Stealth Invisibility and Changing Appearance Technology

This invention concept pertains to an android, or robot that uses artificial intelligence, that has stealth technologies that allow it to change appearances or disappear altogether. This technology could be used by an android that can mimic other persons, such as changing its body shape as well as the appearance of its face and exterior attributes. It could also be used for drones that could disappear, such as for military technology, that allows android soldiers to integrate into the surroundings without anyone being able to see them. It could also apply generally to robotics, that have low observability characteristics, whether that means radar signature, or visibility, or other characteristics of how a robotic invention could normally be seen. It could also be used to create animals that appear and act like animals, however they could be robotic, in the sense that they can be used to collect information in foreign territories by the military, or other espionage purposes. Eventually, the technology may be able to be developed small enough that it could be used in robotic bugs like roaches and flies, so that intelligence can be gathered, or enemies can be distracted or pestered by harmless robotic bugs, or the bugs could be used to deliver chemical or biological weapons.

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