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Robotic Furniture

This technology pertains to furniture that uses robotics to be able to move the furniture through compacting all of the components to a very tight amount of space, including vacuuming out all of the air from the cushions, and the support pieces that compact to a very small amount of space. This technology may apply to beds, couches, recliners, love seats, and other types of cushion furniture. The technology would have applications in space for spacecraft and in space facilities. This could encompass the use of robotic compactable furniture that can be put away into a robotic compartment in the floor, emerge from the ceiling, and/or from the walls, and the storage compartment would not necessarily need to be at the actual location of the furniture, such that the robotic component would have the capability of programming to enter the storage compartment wherever the storage compartment was installed, or have the option of programming multiple storage locations and the option to select pre-programmed storage locations. This could also have the ability to program the movements of the furniture, such that the furniture could have the ability to move robotically when setup and when compacted, and the movement of the furniture putting its self away in storage could be programmed – such as the personality of the robotic furniture. These options could be the ‘grumpy’ furniture that doesn’t want to be put into storage and puts its self into storage in a slow mopey type of movement, the ‘readiness’ personality that acts like the furniture is ready to take the command to re-deploy while putting its self away, and the ‘yes sir’ type of personality that the furniture puts its self away in the fastest way possible – safety concerned, such that the furniture will stop if there is something moved in its way such as a person walking, and the furniture will wait or find another route, and there are evasive maneuvers such that if the furniture finds its self getting pushed into a corner by unauthorized persons while trying to put its self away, the furniture will avoid getting pushed into the corner and avoid the unauthorized persons. In a spaceship, this may include the furniture accessing a maintenance compartment tunnel to bypass the normal routes.

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