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MCE123 - Technology Development

Space Robotics System

This technology pertains to the use of robotics in space, including similar types of robotic grid and robotic supply chain technologies used and improved everyday on Earth and other planets as applicable, such that the supply chains may include the development of robotic inter-planetary and space launch supply chains that deliver robotic components and supplies to a robotic operations module / compartment / quadrant of space craft / space station / interplanetary operations (space robotics delivery area), such that the delivery of the technology is managed with the purpose of improving the efficiency of the space operations, including the building of components and modules in space by robotics, the improvement of the efficiency of the use of the robotics and the delivery of the resources and robotic components to the space robotics delivery area. This system includes the engineering, design, manufacturing, preparation, transportation, operation, research of efficiency and improvement of technology / operations command and design of technologies and components, and the gathering of information that pertains to the operation and technologies in space as such that the technologies and robotic operation may have increased delivery rates comparatively to the long-term timeframes of human stays on the space station. The delivery of robotics to outer space could occur at a rate of every 30 minutes or less with improved technologies of transporting devices and technologies to outer space. The transportation of robotics that are non-human, does not require as much intricacy of maintaining living quarters, transporting humanitarian supplies such as food, water, and other necessities of humans, such that transporting the equipment and robotics separately improves the efficiency of the space operations and improves the speed at which operations of improving space technologies can occur.

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