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MCE123 - Technology Development

Robotic Spine

This technology pertains to a robotic spine that attaches multiple robots to a single robot that can move like a snake conduit to get around spaces inside large projects. The robotic spine allows stationary robots to move their attachment to the electrical, mechanical, fluid, and network communications within the confines of spaces in the project, and based on where the specific robotics are needed in the project. The robotic spine has robotics that allow the robotic spine to move on its own, and manage the power sources, fluid flows, network communications and authentications, manage the robotics that are attached to the robotic spine, and maintain communications with a central system to determine when and how to move based on the needs of the attached robotics, and the determination of how much work is needed and how much is remaining, in order to make the changes to the robotic spine based on the needs of the project and how the attached robotics will operate within the needs of the project.

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