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MCE123 - Technology Development

Political Sociological-Exploitation Computation System

This technology pertains to the exploitation of sociological patterns and characteristics identified by other types of national security linguistic and sociological computation systems that provide information about the feedback through telecommunications and other types of data from signals intelligence, and information on how to exploit all of the various types of sociological activities are created through the combination of the information into one writing, speech, and/or other types of media such as visual effects, multi-media, audio, computer animations, and other types of information. This allows the presence and presentation of information that pertains to sociological-exploitation, such as for uses by the President – through the broadcast of the information for speech suggestions to an earpiece in the President’s ear with speech recommendations, and/or display of the information on a speech display. This technology may be combined with special filtered geospatial imagery that displays the sociological patterns in a large crowd, and then make recommendations on how to align all of the persons in the crowd based on organizations of the background specialties and attributes to that of the national and international issues, such that all of the national and international problems are solved through the speech, while at the same time the local crowd is inspired to work for the President, such as applying for work with the Government, enlisting in the military, and other types of work in support of the President. This system would be capable of achieving a 100% success rate, such that the influence of the crowd due to the depth of the influence of the speech, and the depth of the success of the speech, results in the full support of every person in the crowd.

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