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MCE123 - Technology Development

Automatic Campaign Speech Preparation System

This systems technology pertains to the ability to automatically create the campaign speeches based on feedback gathered from electronic sensor data, and what is current with the news, and what the timeline on an agenda and/or what the current timeline definition is of the candidate of the speech, as such that the information is able to influence when the timeline changes, in addition to influence when the timeline is consistent, and there are multiple levels of timelines that secure the overall structure of the timeline linguistics. The linguistics and patterns of the speech material are created based on solving all of the problems through politics, while at the same time politically spotlighting the issues at various levels that identify the awareness of the issues politically, and that the candidate is moving forward with the promises of the agenda of the campaign. This system has the capability of influencing the statistics in real time, and there is get out the vote and voter day push modules that push the statistics even farther to have a maximum amount of influence all the time, and increase the level of influence to ensure that people are supportive of the candidate when arriving at the polls to vote.

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