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MCE123 - Technology Development

Mining Industry Cargo Ship and Docking System

This technology pertains to a cargo ship that has large bins for delivering large quantities of mined materials, such that the large bins can be loaded and unloaded from the cargo ship without the cargo ship touching the materials, and the large bins can be put into a ground-based distribution loading system that fills train cars, semi-trucks, dump trucks, and other forms of moving the mined materials such as underground conveyors. The system minimizes the amount of time that the cargo ship is docked, such that the amount of time that is used to remove the bins and load other mined materials or other cargo is minimized because the bins are removed from the ship, and new bins can be loaded on the ship immediately after the arriving bins are removed. The dock equipment uses the all-at-once type of loading / unloading technology, while the payloads of the loading and unloading are for mined materials and the configuration is a little different for the crane operations and the dock configurations.

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