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MCE123 - Technology Development

Cargo Ship All-At-Once Loading System

This technology pertains to a system that is capable of loading all of the containers onto a cargo ship all at the same time in order to save time in-between shipments, rather than loading the containers one by one. This system is also capable of unloading all of the containers all at once. This technology minimizes the amount of time that a cargo ship is sitting idle in the harbor waiting for the cranes to finish unloading the containers – what was often a 48hr process to completely unload and then load the new containers for the return trip. This technology would reduce the timeframe of a complete unload and a complete load of the entire cargo ship to approximately 15 to 30 minutes maximum. This could pertain to the use of a system of multiple crane arms that counter-balance one crane through multiple beam paths, in addition to a hydraulic lift system that lifts up all of the containers all at once inside the cargo ship, and a bracket that holds all of the containers together in one bundle. The giant crane only needs to move the giant bundle a very short distance, and then a conveyor moves the bundle to a container-by-container unload with smaller cranes that move the containers onto semi trucks and trains.

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