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MCE123 - Technology Development

Aircraft Carrier Equipment and Aircraft Storage

This technology pertains to a system of compartments on a grid storage system within at least one with the possibility of multiple layers within an aircraft carrier, such that a robotic storage / retrieval system is able to obtain an aircraft based on programming in a computerized system that can program the order of flight launches and flight missions from one location. This process pertains to horizontal and vertical storage of aircraft and equipment in robotic grid riser systems, and the system is capable of storing aircraft such as fighter jets, cargo planes, and large bombers, while keeping the storage space within the layers of the aircraft carrier storage grid used as efficiently as possible. The robotic system is able to line up launch platforms for multiple aircraft, on multiple directions of takeoff from the aircraft carrier, from multiple runways, and this system integrates with a platform launch and multi-compartment airlock security process that moves awaiting aircraft for launch into airlock to ensure the security of the inside of the aircraft carrier is not capable of being compromised from any potential of weapons attacks from outside. The launch platform docks with the catapult system automatically, and the runway level launch pad doors use small ball bearing wheels to leverage the aircraft landing gear from the secondary launch platform that only pertains to the retrieval / storage. The secondary launch platform from the inside is released into a roller track back to the robotic storage / retrieval system. The launch system automatically selects a catapult cable, based on the type of aircraft, and the current running attributes of each catapult cable, such that no catapult cable is overused. Since the catapult dock of the aircraft and the launch platform was already configured by the secondary launch platform, there are no configurations / adjustments required by flight staff. Multiple aircraft can launch from multiple platforms and runways at the same time, and the robotic storage and retrieval system always ensures safety and operational readiness, such that the time between fighter jet launches could be 5 seconds or less, due to the fast speed of the integrated robotic systems and the synchronization and timing processes that are automated by the computers that control the systems. The system would be capable of launching a F-16 for each compatible runway every 5 seconds, the system would be capable of JSTARS launching of mini F-22 and/or mini SR-71 or similar UAV aircraft every 3 seconds, and the system would be capable of launching B-52, B-1, B-2, large cargo aircraft / refueling aircraft such as KC-135 every 15 seconds.

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