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Liquid Pollution Removal Permeation Filtration

This technology pertains to the removal of pollution from liquids, including the removal of the salt from salt water. This technology includes the use of permeation filtration that allows water through the filter, while the waste / pollution that are separated out by the filter from the water is not allowed to pass through the permeation filter. A solution is constantly poured onto the permeation filter, and the solution keeps the permeation filter clean while capturing the pollutants that are not allowed to pass through the permeation filter. The surface of the permeation filter is very smooth like polished metal, and the salt and other pollutants easily slide off in addition to the flow of the cleaning solution, and a pollution / waste basin that is below the permeation filtration path collects the waste such as salt and other particulates that are not allowed through the permeation filter. The permeation filter uses a process of electrolysis to push water molecules through the filter at a rate that is acceptant of a rate of water at least if not greater than the maximum amount of water taken into account the highest rate of flow and pressure of the flow of the water that is possible, and the electrolysis ensures that water is allowed through while other particles that are larger that oxygen, hydrogen, and the water compound find difficulty entering the permeation filter and fall into the pollution waste basin.

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