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MCE123 - Technology Development

Pump / Jet Ventilation and Robotic Repair Grid System

This technology pertains to the use of ventilation shafts with robot railing grids that provide the ability for automatic repair robots to enter the pump / jet grid system in the case of any malfunction of any component, and make repairs. The ventilation shaft removes heat and circulates the air to ensure that equipment is always running in a perfectly maintained operational environment, including heat and humidity controlled ventilation shafts. There are multiple layers in all piping, used to detect for developing cracks / weaknesses in the piping system, and the piping and all components such as the seals, pumps, fuel lines, electrical, and drains connect with multi-snap-in technology, such that the repair robots are able to easily change components after a section of the system is temporarily disabled for repair, such that the temporary disabling does not require the system to stop – only the isolated portion of the system for repairs, and the replacement of parts is easy to manage such that no advanced welding, soldering, or any other types of manufacturing processes are required to make all system repairs. The entire system is based on grid and equipment standards, procedures, and protocols, such that all of the components of the system are defined for their specific requirements of safety and their interaction in the system grid, and the physical system is modular, such that the system can be upgraded and improved while at the same time the ease of maintenance of the modular system is easy for long periods of time without issues of system degradation or the need for specialized repair crews on staff, because the robotic repair system and the automated systems maintain the system for long-term use and high-availability.

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