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Mind Control Methods

There are indications that there could be multiple methods of mind control, such that:

Mind Control through Muscle Control Only

This type of mind control pertains to a system, such as Optogenetics, taking control of the muscles in the body, or such as through technologies such as cybernetics, to the extent that muscle control is limited or controlled by electronic devices connected to wireless networks or satellites that control the human they are implemented in.

Mind Control through Muscle Control and Verbal Awareness

This type of mind control pertains to a system that controls muscle movement, or limits muscle movement, while also having verbal awareness, which could be a law enforcement agent talking to them while their muscles are controlled or limited.

Mind Control through Muscle Control and Non-Awareness (Blackout) or Complete Control

This type of mind control pertains to complete mind control, such that the human has no awareness of the acts or thoughts that they are having, such that they are compartmentalized beyond their control, such that they could be moved through control of their muscles, and their thoughts could also be controlled, such as through Telepathy Satellite Technology or other methods such as Optogenetics.

Mind Control through Motivation through Verbal Awareness (or Artificial Telepathy)

This type of mind control is passive, such that the subject is connected to an intelligence system that monitors their activities, and responds to them through telepathic speech, such as through Artificial Telepathy systems, which tells the human when they are doing something wrong, or when they are doing something right – and can control them passively through the alteration or addition to their thoughts of verbal speech channels in which they learn to trust, such as representing the speech channels as multiple government agencies that all work together to create a fully functioning agent to their control specifications, in most cases.

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