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MCE123 - Technology Development

Mind Control Initiation Systems / Methods

The initial implementation of mind control could work using systems, such that the systems or persons using the systems respond specifically to what the subject of the mind control experiment or implementation is doing at that time, or it could implement intelligence methods that override what that subject is doing at that time.

Implementation through Situational Awareness

This pertains to the implementation of mind control through situational awareness, such as agents talking into the person’s mind with telepathic satellite technology, telling them things that apply to situational awareness, such as:

All Their Thoughts are Being Monitored

The systems technology makes the subject have thoughts, or they are spoken to with artificial telepathy, telling them that their thoughts are being listened to, or that a system is gathering them.

This can happen through the systems technology specifically implying that government agencies are recording their thoughts, and can occur also with systematic awareness to improve the effectiveness of this method.

This method may actually change the thought structures and the ways that the subject thinks, permanently.

Their Bodies Are Making Specific Sounds

They are made aware of sounds that their bodies are making, and may be used in combination with systems technologies that specifically make the sounds of their body synchronize with their thoughts, or synchronize with specific timing, or make it appear to the subject’s body that the processes are systematic in nature, such that the timing or the nature of the sounds the body is making synchronize to a schedule, or an implication of systems technology being used.

This method can literally drive the subject insane, and require them to be hospitalized for other mental health conditions, as they may swear that systems are controlling their bodily activities and/or sounds, such as the buildup of gas, farting, stomach sounds, and other types of bodily sounds, such as through microwave hearing effect and the Doppler effect, such as implementing the sounds into the tissues of the body, such that they reverberate throughout the body as if they originated from the specific organ.

Things That People Have Said, or Intended to Say

This is a mind-altering method, that seeks to implement knowledge into the subject’s mind, such that they are made to think that people they have been in communication with have made specific communications with them, or they have intended to make such communications, or they will make such communications – or the suggestion of reading into the future.

This can make the subject develop legal cases or policies that apply to the law, such as limiting the use of telepathic technologies, or making allegations against the government, or suggesting that there have been national security threats that there is no evidence of. This all occurs because of what the people are saying, through the telepathy technology.

Implementation through Systems Awareness

This pertains to the implementation of mind control through awareness of systems technologies that may or may not be directly connected to the person’s mind, such that the systems may simply be artificial, or attempt to make the subject under duress of systems integration, such that they think that the systems are controlling their thoughts, so they either rebel or take orders from the system, either of which can prove to be a detriment. Some methods of this are as follows:

People are Talking to Them Through Telepathy Technologies

This method makes it appears specific people that they either know or don’t know, either identifiable by their name, initials, organization, or other identifying factors, are trying to or are really talking to them telepathically, for establishing a systems awareness. This is primarily where the systems awareness, that leads to the invention of the technology, originates from.

Systematic Sounds, Automation, Warning Messages, Alarms, Etc.

This applies to using systematic processes, such as a beep every so many seconds, indicating as if there is a recording device that is listening to their thoughts, or the presence of automation techniques such as systematic questionnaires or systems that question specific things while implying they apply to counter-intelligence or criminal investigations, or warning messages such that it suggests that a system is recording what they are doing and if they break the law, something will happen to them, or systematic alarms that go off because of specific thought patterns or methods of mind control being used to control what types of thought a subject has.

The whole purpose of the systematic responses is to control the thought processes, indirectly, such that it can still be claimed that the subject had the thoughts, but that the systematic processes failed to stop the thoughts from occurring, as they occurred because of the subject originating the thoughts.

There is also something to be said in regards to this, that it may provoke patterns of threatening thoughts, or threats towards the government, because of the systems technology.

Systematic Investigations through Systems Technologies

This type of systematic use, through systematic awareness, uses investigations, such as asking questions, such as through criminal investigations or counter-intelligence investigations, such that it makes the subject thing about specific things that it is investigating, such that the thoughts of the subject are essentially limited to the nature of the investigation which is systematic in nature.

This technology, or systematic processes, can be used to implement missions into agents, even if they do not have an established relationship with the sponsoring agency. The problem with this is that it can lead to criminal activities, or at minimum unexplained activities, as the subject may be confused about the nature of the investigations, which can be used in combination with visual or audible distortions, which essentially make things seem to appear and sound like the nature of what they are being asked, which can lead them on wild goose chases to find the information about the selective nature of the investigations.

Loops of Systematic Responses, or Systematic Games to “Level Up”

These are essentially like video games of the mind, in the sense that they may be investigatory, or force the mind to think a specific way, through systematic responses, that reward the subject with “Level Up” or “One Up” types of responses, or responsive investigatory games that allow the subject to do basically anything they want, and then if the thoughts apply to the investigation, or solving the puzzle, the noises go away, or they stop investigating and reward the subject with solving the puzzle.

This type of systematic responses may mislead an investigation to gather intelligence that isn’t unique, or isn’t factual, however it allows the investigation to gather intelligence about the subject, which allows them to be “caught” for having the thoughts, or ‘rewards’ them for having good thoughts that solve the problem, or the puzzle.

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