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Oil Mining Automation Equipment Systems

Oil Mining Automation Equipment Systems

This technology pertains to oil mining automation through the use of computerized and automatic systems, such that the oil crews are no longer needed to physically move parts on the oil rig, and the security of the oil mining and oil rigs is improved through the development of multiple layers of safety procedures that allow the computer to make an enormous number of improvements to the systems through the on-going monitoring of how to improve the efficiency and safety of the oil mining operations, and how to improve the overall efficiency of the oil rig equipment operations. This includes advanced systems of digital programmable logic controllers that are able to make safety decisions such as the safe shutdown of mining operations and placing the rig in a temporary security status with an error report that provides the reasoning to the oil rig crews of why the oil rig was stopped temporarily based on sensor data. This system allows both the automation of basic decisions that would normally involve workers pushing buttons all day – since the prolonged use of the same equipment in the same way even by an expert does not necessarily mean that the expert will not make a mistake such as not pressing a button when needed, so the computing system is able to safely stop the system without any damage to the equipment in any case that a procedure was not taken that was required for safety, limited to the safety procedures that are required of human intervention, and there are procedures to automate safety procedures that do not require human intervention, and the operators of the equipment are notified of such changes that will occur prior to the occurrence with the option to override the automation system and safely stop the operations, and the operators are also protected from mistakes through the security on the computing system that ensures that any instances of operators pressing buttons that were a mistake will not result in a malfunction of the equipment because the security on the rig automation ensures that the buttons pressed apply to a logical course of action at the current operation rather than performing the action of the button and then returning a systems error as a result of the error. The automation systems make the system very close to impossible to ever malfunction, including systems that check for large numbers of error patterns, security checks on the integrity of the automation programs in the computer systems, and verifying the authenticity of the employees at all new instances of accessing the computer system with a regular timeout period.

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