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MCE123 - Technology Development

Larger Trains for Mining Transportation

This pertains to gigantic trains that are used to haul enormous amounts of sorted mining materials from a mine to a refining plant. These trains are capable of ranging 10 times or greater the size of normal trains, and the trains use secured routes that avoid areas near people, such that the trains are literally taller than two-story houses. There are special types of technologies that pertain to how the trains turn around corners and how the train cars link together, such that the turning radius and the size of the train cars require additional technology to shift the train cars on the multiple-axis of wheels independently. Each of the train wheel-axis on each train car self-adjusts independently, and the independent train cars have sensors and adjustment navigation systems on each train car to determine how to adjust around the conditions of the positions of other train cars, the edges of tunnels, and when going around tight corners. The train drive system is a combination of thin drive cars that go in-between multiple train cars, such that the train cars are so heavy that a locomotive train car is needed in-between multiple sets of train cars, depending upon the weight of the materials. For heavy metals, there may be a need for a locomotive that connects in-between every train car, while with other types of loads such as quartz the locomotives could be placed farther apart such as one for every four train cars. The train tracks are very large – longer apart that the length of most cars. The tracks are to transportation such as cargo ship deliveries, refineries, and permanent constant delivery partners such as major nation(s) nearby that need millions of tons of materials on a regular basis. For lower levels of distribution, regular forms of transportation including improvements to the regular forms of transportation to improve the delivery times and shipping capabilities will suffice. There could be an intermediate level of trains for internal delivery of large amounts of shipments within the major nation of mining, while this could be for either raw mining materials and/or refined mining materials. Most customers will want to purchase materials that are refined. Even though the materials that are mined and cleaned / cut with lasers are adequate to sell to customers that have their own refineries, the environmental sense is to refine the materials closer to the source of the mining when possible, such as at a nearby developing nation.

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