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MCE123 - Technology Development

Improved Structures of Metals

Using new types of manufacturing processes to produce metals could yield the equivalence of the same type of metal that is millions of times stronger than the same metals produced with older manufacturing processes. The new manufacturing processes could make the metals impervious to heat, cold, and electrical current. Through perfect sub-atomic alignments of the individual atoms in the metals during the manufacturing process, the yield could be a metal that doesn’t conduct heat even in the most extreme conditions. For an example, a test of setting off 1 Megaton of Thermite to attempt to destroy the metal results in the metal having very slight warmth that dissipates quickly.

One type of process could be to use super magnetism during the manufacturing process to pause all of the rotation patterns of the electrons and have perfect alignments of the protons and neutrons. When the metal is done with cooling from the manufacturing process, then release the super magnetism that was placed to surround the metal. The atoms will be so tight together that the electrons may not even be able to move, and the spaces in-between the components of the atoms would be minimized due to the forces that were used to manufacture the metal. The weight of the metal would likely be much heavier, possibly up to 10 times heavier using the same elements as the metal that did not have a super magnetic cure.

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