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MCE123 - Technology Development

Fused Welding Technology

This technology would be an improvement to the welding that is used for high-quality welding, such as welding that occurs on airplanes. The purpose of the fused welding technology would be to permanently connect parts for spacecraft, such that the welding is the equivalence of the parts having been the same piece the entire time. The fused welding may use magnetic guides and a special type of targeted laser that can weld in-between solid materials without heating up surrounding materials. This would be similar to the way other types of geospatial lasers can project light to a specific coordinate. The laser would be at a level that reacts lower than the sub-atomic level, causing a micro-fusion reaction in-between the materials. Instead of melting the pieces together, the micro-fusion would combine the sub-atomic structures of both parts as one, through the minimization of spaces in-between the sub-atomic particles. This can be done through the use of anti-matter equivalents to particles that are smaller than electrons, such as anti-quarks to quarks.

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