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Artificial Intelligence News Crawling System for Websites

This invention concept pertains to a system that brings in content from public subscriptions, such as RSS streams, but by using a web scraping program with an Artificial Intelligence model to create the ultimate news website with very little overhead. The system would be able to surf the internet of a collection of public-facing websites, and automatically generate news stories, that are then sent up the chain of command for approval or editing. This allows the news to be reported faster than other websites, because it takes the human element out of the guesswork of what to cover as news, or waiting on a Press release.

Problems with this technology include the ability for news providers to block the search engines that search for the news, and the ability for the systems to gather fake news and spread that information as apparent real news, damaging the reputation of the news organization.

This news engine could be used with a political organization, or a regional website structure, that would bring in national as well as regional news into a political website that serves a small community such as the size of a city or town, and then the site could be duplicated by form of subdomains based on different regions, and have different main sites based on political affiliation. The advantage of having this system would be to gather intelligence for a political campaign, such as a Presidential campaign, by using the news website to gather statistics based on what the constituents want to hear based on issues that are important to them.

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