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Media Security

This information pertains to the security of the Media and the study of the perception of the Media from the perspectives of the Media.

Media Grid

This is the concept that the Media goes everywhere, and if there’s a story to cover, the Media will be there, and the Media will find out even if there isn’t a Press Release.

This is like a computer program that dispatches crowds of fans that have cameras, video cameras, audio recorders, and other technologies such as notebooks, tablet PCs, and text-to-speech.

Without Media Security, would there be any security over what can and cannot be done by the Media as far as the creation of Media?

Differentiation of Media Time, No Media Time

This is a restriction that is placed that defines when Media Time can occur, and when Media Time cannot occur. This helps to be able to go out in public and have discussions, and the machine of The Media is not following like a grid – too much Media all the time begins to feel like an acting career and not enough work gets done. Limiting the times that the Media can meet, such as the times, places, and the agenda for Media Time, allows the Media to work while keeping the Media within its own compartment. This ensures that the Media doesn’t turn life into a reality TV show. There are so many activities that are not picture perfect, while the activities are important, and thinking about how to make everything picture perfect while not focusing on all of the work has its trade backs. With the proper balance of the amount of Media with the amount of work – the Media perspective could portray the person as a person of great power, and then the work is easy because the Media portrays the person with great power. If The Media displays the person as being involved with the not so picture perfect work, then the next type of work has people thinking about not so picture perfect work.

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