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MCE123 - Technology Development

Direct Relationship Media System

This technology pertains to the use of public media and public systems to communicate in a personal relationship. The use of this technology pertains to the utilization of both Intelligence Community resources and public resources, and would go along with professional studies of how the uses of the media and public systems with very secured organizational structures affects society.

Use of National News for Direct Conversation

This pertains to the use of Intelligence Community media exploitation services to gather news video of both individuals, transmitted into the national news, while at the same time both individuals are able to see each other on a video screen on a camera in real time. The placement of the video in national news gives the appearance that the real-world video conference of the two individuals was somehow inadvertently put into the wrong communication signal, and the broadcast ended up on national television in the news programming.

Video Conferencing through Spy Watch / Computer Screen Sun Glasses

This pertains to the use of video conferencing through the use of spy watches with video cameras that transmit the video to the other individual when the link is turned on. The video of the other person displays in the computer screen sun glasses, providing a real-time video conference between the two individuals.

Use of Public Display Systems

This pertains to the use of public display systems, including LCD screens, public televisions, and other public display devices to send messages through text, graphics, and multi-media to either individual. This could be advertisements that are personalized.

Privacy and Media Security Structures

This pertains to the various organizational compartments of the system, including how various portions of the media are used and how each portion of the media is compartmentalized for PR and public broadcast types of media use, and/or private uses of public media such as compartmentalized uses of IC resources to control the media.

Compartment(s) of Public Relations

This pertains to the use of compartment(s) that are each secured through media security policies. Each compartment of public relations can be configured differently. There can be an overarching compartment that pertains to policies. There can be a minimum of two types of policies with Media, such as defining what cannot occur, and also what should occur under conditions. The separate compartments would have separate policies that apply to those specific compartments, and then the overarching policies would apply unless if specific compartments turned off certain types of policies per the specific compartments. If there is a vast difference between one compartment than others, there may need to be another layer of compartments, such as an overarching, a group of compartments, and then compartments, so there could be multiple groups of compartments if there are vast differences between grouping policies while there are still overarching policies that apply to all. With advanced media structures, the structures would need to be explained in diagrams and written materials to clearly explain everything of what is expected.

Compartment(s) of Intelligence Community Media Exploitation

This pertains to compartments of Intelligence Community, usually isolated from other parts of Intelligence Community through policies that define how media may be exploited. This would pertain to the broadcast and other types of media being gathered by the Intelligence Community program that pertains to the compartment, and then the media is exploited to show the media using public systems. This provides additional control over the media, and provides additional technical controls that would not be possible when interacting with most media technicians or the technical controls would require planning with the media in advance and the availability of internal staff to manage the technical components of the program. This type of media is very appealing to the public, due to the complexity and the uniqueness, while the program would be impossible to re-produce due to intellectual property and the complexity of the program. This type of program is useful to conduct media studies, in addition to the use of the media. This is helpful to determine how the public reacts to various types of media exchanges, to determine how to attract the public to the personal relationship, and to innovate based on the findings to improve the program and the technology of the media and media security controls.

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